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Hi I'm Adam Binnersley,
welcome to my portfolio website

Welcome to the portfolio website of Adam Binnersley a web developer with skills in PHP, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, MySQL, Javascript, XML and much more. Please feel free to browse or contact me with any questions.


Hi I'm Adam Binnersley, I’m a website designer / programmer . I am determined to be the best that I can in everything I do and am always willing to learn new skills and take on new roles with everything I do. While my current experience centres around PHP (OOP), MySQL, CSS, HTML, Javascript / jQuery I always want to learn more and am currently learning Ruby on Rails and learning about CSS3 animations.

Within my current role I am the only web developer at the firm currently maintain around 550 websites across 7 web servers and 1 database server. In past jobs / freelance work I have always tried to push the boundaries of what I know and have worked with a wide range of CMS / E-commerce products as well as developing my own from scratch. I feel I know a great deal about the technologies I work with on a daily basis and have branced out into other field of study such as 3D Animation, Video Editing, Visual deisgn and much more but always want to learn more.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Adam Binnersley a 26 year old professional web designer and programmer from Pontefract, West Yorkshire. My skills currently include HTML/HTML5, PHP, CSS/CSS3, Javascript and much more. I first started designing websites when I was 16 and have 5 years experience as a professional designer and programmer.


I was amazed at how quickly Adam had my website up and running. Everything was so amazing and beautiful, I can't believe how professional my website looks, he produced so much from very few guidelines.

Thank you Adam you've given me just what I need to give my new venture a boost.

Lora Child (http://www.lorachild.co.uk)